Pubg Mobile Vs FreeFire Game Which is Best ( FreeFire Vs Pubg )

Pubg Mobile and FreeFire are having rivalry From Very Beginning Since The release date of the game. Pubg vs Free Fire rivalry is kept By The fans of pubg mobile and Freefire. 

Pubg Fans argues pubg is the best and free fire fans argue freefire is the best. So To Break Down The Topic Pubg Mobile Vs FreeFire Point by point We have brought this topic Pubg Vs FreeFire.......

Let's Get To The History of Both Games......

Pubg Vs FreeFire ( Head To Head )

We Have Learned about the Background of the game. Now Its Time To Put The Both Game pubg and free fire Head To Head. 

We will Compare many things like Graphics, Gameplay, Controls, Storage, audience, Players, Gamers, Esports, Earning, Streamers, and lastly career in these games. 

Graphics [ Pubg Vs FreeFire ]

Both of The Games have different Types of Graphics. One has realistic but another has cartoonish but easy to play graphics.

 That really matters on the people or gamers who like what kind of Graphics. This Points also matters in Pubg Mobile Vs FreeFire Debate

Pubg Graphics 

Pubg Graphics are realistic, as we are in real life, It Fells more advanced or overwhelmed than free fire graphics. There are Five kinds of Graphics Available in Pubg. What Do You Think About it Pubg Mobile Vs FreeFire

pubg mobile

  1. Smooth
  2. Balanced
  3. Hd
  4. HDR
Graphics rating in Playstore 4.4⭐

FreeFire Graphics

FreeFire Graphics are Cartoon Type. People Who Love cartoon Love Freefire as its graphics are great for kids. The Types of Graphics in Free Fire are
pubg vs freefire

  1. Smooth
  2. Standard 
  3. Ultra
Graphics rating in Playstore 4.2 

Gameplay [ Pubg vs freefire ]

The gameplay is one of the biggest factors in the quality. A quality game must always have a good gameplay. As gameplay Affects The Properties and audience of games. Gamers always want good and lag-free gameplay.

Pubg Gameplay

Pubg Gameplay is pretty smooth, But it's not a game if it doesn't have glitches, All Game has Glitches Likewise It Also Has Some, Which is Probably the Worst Thing Abou The Pubg, It Also Matters A good Device, Smooth + Extreme in Pubg is perfect for pubg to have good gameplay.

Gameplay Rating in Play Store - 4.4 ⭐

FreeFire Gameplay

It also Has good gameplay. Need Some Midrange device Than You Are All Set to play. This game do have some glitches but still, it's ignorable ...

If You have the best device You can Get a very good experience .. Pubg vs Free in Gameplay What Do You Think.....

Gameplay Rating in Play Store - 4.3 


Both games have amazing controls. But still, one game has it better because of its flexibility to customize.

Pubg Controls

Pubg Controls are Best, I would say Better Than FreeFire, Its More customizable, smooth, and well managed. It's Easier and fun to play if you have controls like pubg.

Controls Rating in Play Store -  4.4

FreeFire Controls

FreeFire Controls Have a serious Problems, It's Not Good as Of Pubg Mobile, They are not customizable, smooth, and well managed.

Controls Rating in Play Store -  4.2 

Esports in Pubg And FreeFire

Esports is the Tournaments of games, It also One of the Important Part of games, As It Provides money, Or Financial support for gamers. Different Games organize esports. Pize Poll may be up to 500,000 USD.

Esports In Pubg

Pubg Mobile Conducts various Esports Program in Various Regions of The World  With Amazing And High Range Of Prize Pool. Some Of the Popular Tournaments Are...
  1. Pubg Mobile Club Open
  2. Pubg Mobile All-stars
  3. Pubg Mobile India tour
  4. Pubg Mobile India Series
  5. Pubg Mobile Pro League
  6. Pubg Mobile star challenge
  7. Pubg Mobile World League

Esports in Free Fire

FreeFire also Organise Its Esports in Various Regions, Freefire do not have many tournaments as pubg,. Some Of the Popular Tournaments Are...
    1. Free Fire World Series 2019

    career in Pubg And FreeFire

    Games Must Have Carrer in It. A Game must fulfill its need to its viewers and players so they can earn their lively hood through games.

    Career in Pubg

    Pubg Has a good Carrer For Youths, With Its Popularity and millions of players around the world, People Can Earn Money in Various Ways, 

    The Main Ways Are Listed Below -
    1. Esports 
    2. Streams
    3. Organization
    4. Sponsors
    5. Superchat / Gpay / Paytm
    6. Influencing
    7. Casting
    8. Youtube

    Career in FreeFire

    FreeFire is one of the Top Mobile games in World, With having 600 million + Players in mobile its has grown its popularity since its release. Players in the free fire can Earn From Various Ways

    The Main Ways Are Listed Below -
    1. Esports 
    2. Streams
    3. Organization
    4. Sponsors
    5. Superchat / Gpay / Paytm
    6. Casting
    7. Youtube
    Vehicles and InGame equipment and Reward

    Both Games have an amazing in-game reward, Both games have in-game purchases available, With the latest Dress, new events, with awesome maps and vehicles.


    We have already made you clear of all the points and difference of the topic Pubg Mobile Vs FreeFire , Its Your Time Now To Choose Between These Two Games, But Wait if You are On To Graphics Than You should Probably Go on Pubg, But if you do not want good graphics and have a low-end device You should choose Freefire.Pubg Mobile Vs FreeFire Game.

    Vote For Your Favourite Game [ Pubg Vs FreeFire ]

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