Samurai jack is back in game form with a new action-adventure experience battle through time it's brought to you by Soleil adult swim games novarama and cartoon network today I'm going to present my initial thoughts on this action-adventure title on apple arcade and showcase its performance fair warning I'm not very good at this game so some of you might be cringing in the comments having my left hand in a cast wasn't helping either anyway originally this game was announced as coming to ps4 Xbox one Nintendo switch and pc on steam with no mention of apple arcade 

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Tim

however as many of you know a few weeks ago it was confirmed that an apple arcade version will drop at the same time yay it was one of those classic moments where you go yes this makes perfect sense on apple arcade the cartoony anime art style and over-the-top action fits in very well with the style apple are going for with this platform and well the game is here and it's awesome it's a great great great game but it's buggy as hell it's so buggy and the performance is not very good across most platforms as you will see later on in the video i have seen that the performance is uh worse if you are running the ios 14 beta so if you're on that maybe roll back to ios 13 but in general, performance is not very good across all platforms but the developer is going to put out a hotfix soon so yeah so if we just for a moment ignore the bugs and performance hiccups samurai jack is still something special for us it's deeper

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time - Apple Arcade Review

 i suppose it can be more violent at times despite its charming art style on display and it probably has the most complex gameplay mechanics we've seen so far which i'll talk about later i believe it's also the first game on apple arcade to feature a dismemberment system mind you there is no blood but you can chop enemies into pieces and it's yeah fantastic to see the story here ties into the epic series final you play as jack obviously who is trapped in a strange world where time and locations blend in unusual ways

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Tim

 it's all being overruled by the evil mastermind a coup you will travel across time meeting different characters and iconic sights from the show the end goal is to escape and stop haku's evil plans while the story is yeah nothing amazing i still found it engaging and the voice acting and cinematics are really well done you could also really see the emotion on the characters faces in the cinematics despite them just having a cartoony look do you agree if you're a fan of the show you'll be happy to know the original voice actors are here what in some who willie are you doing here you are a sight for these great big sore eyes I can't hear you it is good to see you too my friend and even for myself I have never watched the show 

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Ipad Gameplay

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Tim

I still really enjoyed the voice acting and just playing this game it was great i don't think you need any prior experience with the show but i might be wrong though a small detail i really appreciated and i i think many people would miss is that when jack takes damage his outfit slowly becomes more ripped again it's a small detail but it really adds to the experience i find it funny how many have said this is a cartoony version of ghost of tashima while they get the resemblance they are not really anything alike samurai jack does have small elements of role playing or souls like gameplay but there is no open world to explore here it's a linear game from start to finish that mixes arcade 3d action and platforming its level structure is very similar to spyder on apple arcade to give you an idea 

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time 

this is just a significantly longer experience mind you what i really love about samurai jack is how advanced the combat and skill tree is as you play you'll earn money skill points and spirit points which can be used to upgrade jack's abilities or you can purchase more items and weapons but you can also pick up weapons from enemies you take down there are so many different ways to play this game in terms of play styles it's very refreshing for example in combat you can switch in real time between a sword hammer spear or maybe a club all these weapons have their ups and downs for certain situations and enemy types and they can break after a number of uses but you can repair them before this happens i found this makes you think about every decision you make here with your weapons and you'll find you'll want to look after certain items in your inventory it's kind of cool some enemies are best to fight with a heavy weapon while smaller enemies or a large group i find are best with a sword or a club or maybe a long-range spear that way you won't get surrounded as quickly

 this game loves to throw so many enemies at you at once it's pretty hectic and can be rather challenging but if you can master the combat it's super satisfying pulling off all these amazing combos and just taking down every enemy you see you can also use ranged weapons from a bow and arrow a handgun machine gun or just some other throwable weapons i find these are most useful to take down those annoying enemies with guns but you can also use it to push back enemies or to stop a foe that is about to hit you you can also equip different items that will give jack i guess extra abilities or powers i believe novarama have worked on the mobile version of stenary jack i will say the touch controls are intuitive and enjoyable on the touchscreen at first but they do get a little bit overwhelming later on i personally would never play a game like this on the touchscreen anyway it's much better with a controller or if you're on mac a keyboard and mouse will do just fine in fact it's the first game i've seen that has support for clickable left stick and right stick buttons so you can lock on to the closest enemy and quickly switch between them

Samurai Jack 

 it's not always very accurate using this but when you have a controller in hand it does make it a lot better but i think it does need some more work because sometimes it selects the wrong enemy and yeah the main thing that is setting this game back is the number of bugs and performance issues i've seen a lot of reports from this from just myself and other people online in the first cinematic you may have noticed the dialogue was not in sync with the visuals it was quite funny but i don't know why that was like that is he dead no and he never will be how dare you talk back to your father no you're not my father

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Tim

 yes i am no you're not i also had three massive crashes on my mac which completely turned off my computer not good the game froze on my ipad here you can see the ground is not registering for a platforming section i just fall through it and the game would always always always always drop frames when saving or loading a new scene despite those issues being honestly really annoying i kept finding myself wanting to jump back into the game because it's just a good time and its gameplay is really addicting and satisfying if you can put up with all those problems i think you should still have fun here otherwise maybe wait a few more days until a hot fix is put out if you're playing on an apple tv 4k the performance seems to be very stable and what i said can be pretty much ignored based on my experience anyway yes the visual fidelity has been reduced here but keep in mind the hardware is not easy to work with here for more advanced games for it to be playable here i guess is quite an achievement in my opinion anyway also the mac version offers custom graphics which is good to optimize your performance 

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Tim

who is this game for well i'd say it's best for fans of the show children those who love tinkering with weapons or those who just love action games where you feel super overpowered the game does last for a number of hours too which is good if you were disappointed by many games on apple arcade only being a casual experience or lasting for just an hour but as i said it is really held back by those annoying bugs and performance issues so maybe wait a few days until they are fixed are you going to download samurai jack on apple arcade are you going to skip it have you come across any bugs or performance issues let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this review dropping a like is always appreciated

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