Company of Heroes for iPhone Review [ What To Expect ]

After the success of a company of heroes for iPad, Relic Entertainment Has Brough Their New Game Company of Heroes for iPhone.

Company of heroes is officially supported on all iPhones released since the iPhone 6s this release only includes the base game Farrell have told me they are looking at bringing opposing fronts and tales of valor expansions in the future the multiplayer mode is not available Farrell are assessing the feasibility of adding it later

Company of Heroes for iPhone

today let's have a look at the company of heroes on iPhone and see how it going to Look.

Company of Heroes for iPhone Review

Despite being released way back in 2006 company of heroes is still possibly the pinnacle of the RTS genre I'd say it still holds up in the graphics department too if we don't focus on the cinematics that is it brings you an epic and gritty world war ii campaign which ranges from 25 to 35 hours in length depending on the difficulty level and its gameplay is comprised of intense squad-based battles that progress from the d-day landings through to the liberation of Normandy 

Company of Heroes for iPhone Review

it's honestly hard to believe that this game is over 14 years old it has aged incredibly well company of heroes was initially made for a desktop experience using a larger display and a mouse and keyboard bringing it to iPad in early 2020 was a no-brainer as they are powerful devices and are well getting closer to a pc experience in many ways but iPhone wouldn't that be uncomfortable or wouldn't the UI be really small guys let us not forget that feral interactive have already brought Tropico and Rome total war to iPhone there is no reason to doubt that company of heroes works incredibly well on iPhone for the most part

Company of Heroes iPhone Vs Ipad

 you see you definitely want to play the game on an iPhone with a larger display take my iPhone 11 for example when compared to my iPhone so the UI doesn't take up as much screen real estate and the troops I found were easier to see regardless feral have done a great job here with making the ui tidy and easy to see for the most part 

the only issue I faced on my iPhone 11 was accidentally activating the home button that said this rarely occurred if you're having this issue you can head to the settings and turn off the auto-hide home indicator now the home indicator is always displayed in grey regardless of your in-game activity keep in mind to minimize the game you need to swipe from the bottom upwards twice 

Company of Heroes for iPhone Review

i actually asked feral interactive what was the experience or challenges translating company of heroes to a significantly smaller display to which they replied after optimizing the game for touchscreens with the iPad release the main challenge was getting it all to work on a much smaller screen that's true of all the games we've previously released for mobile though so having that experience helped us tackle those issues in the company of heroes for company of heroes specifically we've also added some new mechanics designed with smaller screens in mind these new mechanics include a button select overlay and see-through ui also included is some general improvements for an improved strategic point capture system where you can capture points by simply occupying the area around it keep in mind if enemies are in the area you will not capture the point in the fact this feature has been brought from the company of heroes 2 on pc and is now in the company of heroes for mobile and iPad that's cool

New Updates of Company of Heroes for iPhone 

 smaller but still notable changes have been made to squad selection players can switch between squads and issue commands more quickly and efficiently all these features are available on the iPad version in a new update too the iPad version also has increased performance on all supported ipads for a more in-depth look at the new mechanics head over to Farrell's how to win the warpage for the company of heroes

 I've been told the game supports 60 fps on high-end iPhones when the battery saver mode is enabled it runs at 30 fps with slightly reduced graphics quality across both the performance of my iPhone was incredibly stable and it was just it was perfect there were no issues whatsoever

Company of Heroes for iPhone Review

all in all, I still prefer to play company of heroes on my iPad but if you don't own an iPad or if you just prefer gaming on an iPhone it can be very comfortable I would just suggest playing it on an iPhone with a larger display I also like this method you can use the iPad version when you're at home and you can use the iPhone version when you're out on the go for example if you're on a bus it's very good to play on the bus


 anyway, I want to hear from you in the comments now that company of heroes is available on iPhone will you pick it up if you have picked it up what do you think of it do you play the iPad version let me know all your thoughts in the comments.

Note: Company of Heroes For iPhone requires iOS 13.1 or later and is supported on iPhones released since the iPhone 6S.


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