Discovered currently not indexed in Search Console [ Fixed 100% ]

Google is Currently Having An Issue With Its Crawling And Indexing in Search Console. Many Site Owners Are Really Worried About This Issue. So What is The Issue, Is it Google Fault or We Are Doing Something Unusual With Our Site. Read This Blog To Know.

From September First Many Website owners Are Facing Problem in Google Search Console Discovered - currently not indexed, Now its been 22 Days, And Still Their Problems Are Not Fixed Yet, Why is That So, What is The Problem Well Lets Elaborate

Discovered currently not indexed in Search Console

Discovered currently not indexed

You are reading this because your site has an issue called Discovered currently not indexed, So How To Solve it , First Lets see What Google Actually Defines  it
Discovered - currently not indexed: The page was found by Google, but not crawled yet. Typically, Google tried to crawl the URL but the site was overloaded; therefore Google had to reschedule the crawl. This is why the last crawl date is empty on the report.

So, From The Above Definition From Google, You Can clearly see That This is not a big problem, It Not that google didn't Crawl your Website, They Tried To Crawl Your Site, But Due To Some Unwanted issue with your site google had to reschedule the crawl, Which Means Google Will Any How to Try Again To Crawl Your Site Again.

Causes of Discovered currently not indexed Error in Google Search Console 

Well, We Have Learned What is Discovered currently not indexed, But Why does it Occurs, What Are The Main Reasons For This, Negative and Black Hat Seo ?, Spam Scores, New Site, or its Google Bot Faults. We Have Got Answers For You.

So, I Had an Own issue of This in My Site, None of My Articles Were Indexed in Google Almost All The Article That I Wrote After September Were Not Indexed in Google, I Tried Re-indexing Url Various Times Using the URL inspection tool, But that didn't work, So How did I Fix It?

Discovered currently not indexed

So You Can See My Site Had These Same Issue, That Some of The Article is Not Indexed in Google, The first step I did Was ' I did A Tweet in Google 

@googlewmc Can You Guys Please Check The Issue Why is My Blogger Website Not Getting Indexed. I have Waited For 16 Days Now, And There Is No Response Still. Whenever I Try To Inspecting Tool It Always Shows Me Discovered Currently Not Indexed Site -

Discovered – currently not indexed

And Guess What Google Replied Me Saying

We're currently experiencing longer than usual delays in the Search Console Index Coverage report. This only affects reporting, not crawling, indexing, or ranking of websites. We'll update here once this issue is resolved. Thanks for your patience!

Discovered – currently not indexed

Well. Then I Waited for For 5 More Days Than I Could Not, My Patience Was About, To Finish, I Even Thought of Giving up That Blog And Then Start A New one, but That Discovered – currently not indexed Couldn't Stop Me From Trying New Things And Hustling

Then I Finally Reported My Issue in, I Wrote A Short Paragraph 

Hello, This I Sonish Dhakal From My Site is Hosted On Blogger, I Started Writing Contents on From August 23, I Wrote Six Contents On My Site  Until August 31, And My site Was Indexed in Google Search It Even Ranked For Some Keyword At Page One.

Everything Was Going Fine Until August 31, But After That,  The Article That I Have Wrote From September 1 Are Not Indexed, Its 20Tth September And It Has Been 20 Days None of My Article That I Wrote After September one Are indexed, When Ever I Try To Inspect Any Url It Says Discovered - currently not indexed. 

I Have Done Request Indexing Several Times I Really Need Someone Legit To Help Me Out In This Situation, Is It Because of Sitemap, My Site Map is

Within Two Hours A Guy Replied Me Which Was Marked As the recommended Answer
I took a look at your website. 

I think Google is not indexing these recent posts because of quality issues. 
I can say from my own experience that once you set up a new website, add new content to it, add it to GSC, submit a sitemap, Google will usually index in a timely manner. But since Google doesn't really know much about your website it's trying to learn as much as possible about it in these first weeks. 

From my point of view, the content you have been adding does not really add quality, uniqueness or a lot of value (please don't feel offended). There are 13 posts on your website. They don't seem to be focused on one topic. The content does not seem to be focused as well. All the words are capitalized. 

This Guy Really Helped Me Out, Now My All Confidence is Back And I Applied All His Tricks And One of My Article Got Indexed...So I Would Really Recommend You  Try This Trick.

You Can Even Read The Full Article in on How To Write A Blog That gets Indexed in Google

There Are Other So Many Bloggers Who Are Facing Similar Problems Let Me Show You Some Screen Shots

Discovered – currently not indexed

Discovered – currently not indexed

But His Issue Was Fixed Within Some Days, And Now Almost All of His Article in Google Are Indexed. So We Can See Here That It is Also A Matter of some time, You Must Wait For A Month Than Its Sure That Your problem Will be Fixed 100%.

Discovered currently not indexed

Also, Watch This Video if You Have Any Confusion...

Discovered currently not indexed How To Fix

There Are So Many Ways That You Can Fix Discovered currently not indexed Problem in Search Console, Some of Them Are Listed Below

  • Write A Quality Content, Google Often Does not Index Websites That Do Not Have A Unique or Quality Content
  • Use A Valid Sitemap, SiteMap is Very Necessary if You Want Your Website To Get Indexed in Google Because Google often Discoveries Your Url With The Help of Site Map
  • Be Sure it's Not Spammy [ Don't Use The Same World in Each Line ]
  • Your Article Should Not Be Focused on The Word Like Hacking, Killing, Piracy, etc
  • Try To Get Backlinks From Another site, Because Google also discoveres your Url Through Referring Pages From Other Sites
  • Try Sharing Your Website URL in Social Media Platforms Like Facebook, Youtube Reddit, And Quora


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