Amazon Prime Review [ Is It Worth It ? ]

So I'd ordered a couple books from Amazon Prime and I got it within a couple of days. But, I came to find out that it didn't quite come in the shape that I expected it to be. Actually, the package was completely drenched, had holes in it, and the books that I had inside the package were just completely ruined. And that begs the question, I mean, is Amazon Prime really worth it?

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Amazon Prime Review

 I pay $119 per year yet I get a package like this? Well, I'm gonna talk more about that in today's video. We are gonna focus on Amazon Prime, I've ordered a lot of stuff and Amazon Prime's isn't just simply shipping, it has so much more to do with so many other things. And I'ma talk more about that in today's video. So, this begs the question, is it really worth $119 per year? 

Benefits of Amazon Prime 

Well, we first of all have to focus on some of the benefits of being an Amazon Prime member, and I'm not gonna give you an entirely exhaustive list. I'm just gonna focus on some of the areas that I enjoy most, and it's up to you to do your own due diligence and stick around to the very end, because I'll provide you with a link where you can see exactly all of the perks.

 Let's start it out with the shipping benefits. Now, keep in mind, you could order things from Amazon, but you have to pay for shipping if it's under $25. Now, if it's above $25, great, awesome, then you can probably not have to pay for shipping. It's kind of nice. There are actually a few different ways that you can ship, and this includes, first of all, the free two-day shipping as an Amazon Prime member. That's the one I utilized the most. And you ordered online, get it in two days. Hurray! Now, the other two options, it's a little bit rarer and it depends on your region and the specific product if it's available in a warehouse near you. There is, of course, the FREE Same-Day Shipping, as well as what's called Prime Now, which will deliver to you in two hours. 

Now, I've done the FREE Same-Day Shipping, but I've never tried Prime Now before, but either way, you're able to get the product within the same day. Hello, I like that idea. Now, let's just say you don't wanna have a rush, there actually is the, FREE No-Rush Shipping, and the nice thing is, they actually reward you for taking advantage of this particular offer, and you'll get typically like $1 credit on some type of a digital product. It varies from time to time.

 It's kinda nice for me, especially if it's a digital product, I can order an ebook and I get tons of those anyways, so makes sense, right. Next up is the streaming services, and they are actually just three different types of streaming services, and this includes, Amazon's Prime Video, Prime Music, and Twitch Prime, say that 10 times fast. 

Amazon Prime Video Reviews

Now, with Prime Video, think of it kind of like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, that type of thing. And, they actually have pretty good original series that you can take a look at. I've binge watched a number of their original series, and they have some great independent films on it and such, but it's definitely really good. Now, the other one, of course, is the music. Now, they have millions of artists on there, lots and lots. Now, that doesn't mean they have every single artist available everywhere for free through the Amazon Music app. But it has a fair amount that you're able to stream. 

I use it for my workouts, or if I happen to be traveling, I'll listen to some Amazon Music. Now the next one's Twitch Prime. Now you may or may not be familiar with the Twitch platform, but think of it kind of like YouTube, but it's for live streamers. 

It started out as gamers platform and started to evolve over towards creatives and entrepreneurs such as myself, but either way you can use Twitch Prime, as a subscription, and it's kind of almost like having a $5 credit, that you're able to utilize over on the Twitch platform, and then you get free games, and things and benefits like that. Next up the shopping benefits. Now there happens to be about over 10 different types of shopping benefits.

Discounts in Amazon Prime

 So I'm just gonna focus on two of them. That includes of course discounts over at their Whole Foods Stores, as well as the Amazon In-Store Discounts. Yeah, there's some physical Amazon stores that are throughout the world. I know I've seen one over in California, up in Seattle, they're starting to spread out, so any area, you get a discount in some of those stores, being an Amazon Prime member. 

I know, I've gotten to Whole Foods on a few occasions and a few of their products are marked down. And I think it goes up to like 5%, which is kind of nice, but either way, you can get some discounts in those areas. Next up is the reading benefits. 

Amazon Prime Reading

Now there are two types of reading benefits you can take advantage of. And that is the Prime Reading, as well as Amazon First Reads. Essentially, it works almost like a library checkout, in that you can have one checkout per month as an Amazon Prime member. Now you're probably thinking to yourself, "But Dale, I don't have a Kindle reading device." Oh, if you have a mobile device, Kindle reader is a free app, you can download it for iOS, and even on Android, and you can be able to take advantage of this particular benefit. Now it has millions of titles you can choose from, does it have every single one of them out there? No.

 And Amazon, they do a pretty good job of curating some pretty good books to read. Now, there are other benefits, but just for the sake of brevity, I'm just gonna focus on just a couple more of them, and that includes membership sharing, or what they call Amazon Household. Now, they'll allow up to two adults, one teen and one child to share an account. And this means that they are able to say for instance, if I buy a Kindle book, I can share that book with my wife, and she's able to do the same back with me within the Amazon Prime Account. 

Unfortunately, some of the benefits don't trickle down to everybody. So if I want to listen to Amazon Music as the prime, Prime member, you say that 10 times fast, my wife wouldn't be able to use Amazon Music or if I had children, they wouldn't be able to listen to that, because it's only allowed for one person. So there are certainly some limitations when it comes to the Household Sharing, but it's good to know that for some reason, my wife wants to make an order, she doesn't need to log into my Amazon Account, 

she should just go and log into hers, do an order and still get the benefits of being a Prime member. And the other one is Amazon Photos. Now, this one I've yet to utilize, but it essentially is almost like a cloud storage for all the photos that you have. So, maybe I hadn't probably consider using it. So back to the original story that I shared with you at the very beginning of the video, where I had the messed up package. 

I mean, gosh, I was very frustrated obviously. So what was the steps that I needed to do? So get here, I go to Amazon, scroll to the bottom and click on Help. You scroll down, hover over Need More Help, and then it'll pop up a menu, and you're gonna click, Contact Us. The option to start a chat or a call are there. I would highly recommend, this is what I prefer getting on a phone call with somebody. 

Why do you wanna get somebody on a phone call? Well, sometimes the chat, it's automated, obviously. And it can sometimes feel a little bit disconnected, and if you're frustrated, it feels nicer to be able to speak to human beings, so they can kind of quell some of your concerns as an Amazon Prime member, and also they can kind of understand the severity of the situation and your disappointment and not having that order fulfilled properly. Now, let's just be very clear on something here. And this is something actually I'll leave a link to the video. Ian Corzine, he's a lawyer, he had a video that busted essentially this whole myth and belief that if your package is stolen or damaged that Amazon's liable. 

But oddly enough, in their disclaimer, and pretty much the agreement that you have as an Amazon customer, pretty much says, that as soon as it leaves their factory, it's no longer their problem. But Amazon has been really, really freaking cool about it. I've never, I mean, never had any issue when I've ever had a package that has gone rogue, disappeared, come damaged, I get a hold of them, and they've gone out of their way to make sure that it was replaced, or I was compensated in some capacity. 

Replacement of Product in Amazon Prime

That's why I wanna kind of stress to you that if you're going to try to get any kind of replacement or refund or something like that, that you openly communicate with them, but in the same instance, don't go at it to it and feeling very entitled. I usually try to stay professional, try to stay calm, and they usually walk me through the whole thing and I'm always very happy after I'm done speaking with an Amazon Rep. This still begs the question, is Amazon Prime really worth $119 per year? Well, this depends because for me, yes. Because enough of the orders that I do justifies the expense. I mean, I order hundreds of packages per year. So of course, it makes sense for me to go ahead and purchase Amazon Prime. And I really use the Amazon Prime Video app a lot, the Prime Music app and Twitch Prime. And on occasion, when I'm feeling a little bit less frugal, I'll go over to Whole Foods, and my wife and I will purchase some products there, and get a discount over there. The other benefits myth, you know.

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