Express Vpn Review in 2020 [ Is It Fast? ]

  what we want to do today is give you a good overview of what Express VPN  is currently doing that's really good. I'll provide some perspective on how well some of the features actually work in the real world and then share some reasons this may not be the best VPN for you to choose now 

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Express Vpn Review in 2020

Express Vpn Review in 2020

 so starting with a list of the positives that Express VPN offers first off there's no activity logs and no connection logs it's based outside the USA so it's away from the NSA spine currently there are 3000 servers or 3,000 plus servers in 160 VPN server locations in 94 countries they do have unlimited in high-quality bandwidth now they have a kill switch its industry-leading and its really a must-have for anyone who's doing torrenting or file-sharing in particular the apps for

 Express VPN have a built-in speed test and they do support anonymous Bitcoin payments they use their own zero-knowledge DNS servers they have military-grade encryption which is best-in-class and their apps are easy to use they're actually award-winning and they are available for virtually every platform and device so you know Windows Mac Mobile all the different devices 

Customer Service of Express Vpn

They do have 24/7 live chat support that is available for immediate technical troubleshooting and that's an important distinction some VPNs provide 24/7 support but it's just for simple questions and you have to go through an email ticket system to get actual technical troubleshooting so that is available as part of their live chat support they also provide an unconditional 30-day money-back Aaron tea for full peace of mind and that's important so you can try it out make sure you like it and 

Refund Policy of Express Vpn

if something doesn't work out you can always get your money back also they've made a strong public commitment to keeping no logs of any of their users activities and they do provide financial support to EF F or the Electronic Frontier Foundation and also to other worthy privacy causes as well

Setup and Compatibility of Express Vpn

 so now the question is how do all these great things actually work in practice or in the real world well the app itself or the VPN it's easy to set up it's easy to install even for someone who's a beginner or a newbie this is the first VPN you've used you will find it very simple and easy to set up it's designed for the beginner in mind the apps do connect faster VPN servers there are no waiting everything downloads really fast so, for example, there's no lagging when you're streaming or torrenting or gaming and

Express Vpn Review in 2020

 it's extremely reliable so there are minimal dropped connections they rarely occur but when they do occur they kill switch works every time it's also again easy to use its plain English settings and they have a one-click a smart location that couldn't be any easier to use it's just very very simple very straightforward also unlike a lot of VPNs that are now blocked Express VPNvpn still works fine with Netflix Hulu and really the mate all the major streaming media type services which is again really nice if that's something that you're interested in if you want to dig more into the app settings and play with protocols and encryption levels you can do that's all there and that's one of the strengths or not 

Advance Features of Express Vpn

I should say one of the many strengths of Express VPN is some VPNs lean more towards newbies or more towards advanced users and Express VPN finds that nice balance where it's absolutely simple and easy to use but they still allow use some of that control so you can change your settings up a little bit without being something you need that confuses the experience at all especially for the beginner or the newbie you don't have to worry about it if you don't want to now that being said there are some negative lamb 

I don't if I call negatives the reasons you may want to consider a different VPN so there's just a couple in particular the first is if you want a true no logs policy so Express VPN does keep track or does log timestamps and bandwidth so if that's something you're particular about you're going to want to consider or choose a different VPN also if you need or want more than five devices that you can connect to simultaneously again you'll want to go with a different VPN and lastly cost although the cost is certainly fair given everything you're getting it is on the higher side for VPNs so if you're someone who's in a situation where you don't necessarily want the best you want something that's adequate and will do a good job but you'd rather spend the least amount of money possible then you'll probably want to go with the different VPN so ultimately would I recommend Express VPN absolutely for many I would say this would be the number one choice you could and should get for a VPN for all the reasons 

I mentioned above and it's such a great all-round VPN that's really what I like about Express VPN you're covered whether you want to do streaming unblock Netflix gaming file sharing using a VPN for travel or unsecured Wi-Fi and coffee shops you don't have to worry about your connection dropping and should you have a problem they have a great support team to help you out so overall this is currently my number one pick for best overall VPN it's one I love using it's it's truly enjoyable to use because of how simple it is how straightforward is and how problem-free it is as a VPN to use and just a reminder

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