Netflix Vs Hulu [ Which is Best in 2020 ]

Premium Video streaming has grown a lot in 2020 because of this pandemic we sit in our home and love to watch movies and Web series. And When it Comes To Video Streaming There is These Two Giant Online Video Streaming Platform Netflix And Hulu Competing Against Each Other. So Actually Which One is Best For You. Netflix Vs Hulu [Which is Best in 2020 ]

Netflix Vs Hulu

 we have complained about price hikes from other streaming services especially live TV streaming services well netflix has gone and raised their prices several times in the last couple of years most recently just a week or two ago and no one bats an eye because frankly Netflix delivers a whole lot of value but the truth is Netflix is price is creeping up meanwhile speaking of value Hulu still has a $6 package that you can subscribe.

so in a world that includes both Netflix and Hulu if you had to choose just one which ones are gonna be is one of them better than the other well that's what we're gonna talk about today and I understand that mine is only one opinion but it is the most correct one so that's what we're going with let's dive in now.

Netflix Vs Hulu

 I've been told in no uncertain terms that I need a new jacket and probably a haircut so you can help with that subscribe hit the bell icon and anyway let's move on Netflix Netflix is the big elephant in the room here it's got 60 million subscribers just in the US now if you break that down by population well it's that's a different number let's break it down by household that is half the households in the US

 I'm sure there are a few other households that are piggybacking on their family and friends subscriptions I'm sure you wouldn't do that but some people do whatever anyway the nice thing about Netflix is that you can watch it on pretty much anything doesn't matter if it's a phone or a computer or streaming device or a smart TV everything has a Netflix app because it's just that ubiquitous 

Free trail Netflix Vs Hulu

what you'll pay for it well for the first 30 days you won't pay anything you have 30 days for free and then after that there are three tiers to choose from the $8.99 standard definition tier is really not built for your modern TV standard definition it's going to look pretty bad and you only get one one simultaneous stream at that tier at $12.99 then you're bumped up to HD and two simultaneous streams and then for $15.99 you get Ultra HD and four simultaneous streams that Ultra HD is what's gonna look really great on your 4k TV if you just bought a bright shiny new 4k TV I would just advise that you have at least a 25 megabit per second connection to ensure that that 4k content is coming through well oh the other thing I found out is that there's still a DVD version of Netflix

 I think it's six or seven bucks a month and you can still get DVDs sent to your house as much as you want it's great you can even add it onto one of these other plans a million people here in the u.s. at least still do this it's great I forgot that it even existed now Hulu is no slouch either they've got 25 million subscribers in the u.s. that's double where they are at in 2016 so they are growing quite quickly people like them apparently well one of the nice things about them is similar to Netflix you can watch it on pretty much any device you want the exception is there's a live TV version of Hulu and that's a newer kind of app and some of the out-of-date equipment might not be able to handle it so as long as your Smart TV Smart TV device or your phone or your computer whatever as long as that's up-to-date then.

Pricing Netflix Vs Hulu

 you shouldn't have any problem with any of the Hulu apps the price again you're gonna get 30 days free with this as well and then there are two main tiers $5.99 with ads during your program and then 1199 for no ads during your shows although with that just be aware you will still watch ads before and after some programs now with both of those you only get one simultaneous stream so if you're watching and then somebody else in your household turns on a stream it's gonna kick you off of there it can get a little bit annoying if you go with the third tier which isn't quite comparable to Netflix because it's $44.99 you get Hulu with live TV bunch of channels live TV it's great you get two simultaneous streams on that or you can pay 10 bucks a month extra for unlimited simultaneous streams so you could go that way so what do you get for both of these well it's kind of a tale of two styles Hulu has the fresher 

Netflix Vs Hulu

TV content so if you like to watch a little bit every day and kind of keep up with stuff it's have TV shows the day after they air which could be very convenient if that's your style but they lack though is back catalogs Netflix on the other hand is gonna have a lot of those if they're making an original they're gonna release a full season all at once so it's more of a binge style so whichever style is yours is going to determine which one is the best of there now on the original content side of things Hulu has a few standouts but only a few the big one would be Handmaid's Tale it is fantastic it might be worth a subscription all by itself honestly but over on the Netflix side they have a ton of them strange things house of cards mine hunter Russian doll daredevil 

I probably didn't even say your favorite because they have so many of them so yeah if you love the ones on Hulu that's something but there's a better chance that you'll find something you like over on Netflix now for add-ons these are the premium channels Starz Showtime cinematics HBO these are not available to add on to Netflix at all you can add them to your Hulu subscription it'll cost you between nine and fifteen bucks to do that now you can also do that on their own apps you can get HBO now for instance and just watch it there so why wouldn't you just do that well frankly because of the convenience factor if you can have all of your content in one app it is a little bit more convenient so if you get Hulu and you get Hulu with live TV

Video Streaming Netflix Vs Hulu 

you've got the add-ons there it's nice to have everything right there centrally so if you got both here's what it would cost you for the ultimate package we're talking Hulu Live with no commercials and premium DVR and unlimited streams plus adding premium Netflix on top of that you'd come to about 80 bucks and 80 bucks is frankly nothing to sneer at that is a pretty high price but if you give up live TV as a necessity which I argue that we should except maybe for live sports that's a topic for another day but if you can do that if you can give up your live TV you can get no commercials Hulu for 12 bucks HD Netflix for 13 bucks that's $25 a month total for a ton of content now you can also drop both of those to the lowest tier available and it comes to 16 bucks a month not bad those aren't my recommended packages but 16 bucks a month that's a lot of content you're getting for that you know 

Netflix Vs Hulu

 I had to choose just one it would probably actually you know what before it's for that let's go ask an office full of plugged-in Millennials and see what they think hey unplug your headphones you frigging millennial you're not even a millennial do you subscribe to Netflix or Hulu both and if you had to give up just one of them which one would it be only Netflix no Hulu would you ever subscribe to Hulu why should I great question both and if you had to give up just one which one would it be Netflix neither YouTube TV I have Hulu but my parents pay for Netflix that's a millennial 

My Subscription

I subscribe to both and if you had to give up just one which one would it be it would be Hulu both if you had to give up one which one would it be Hulu heart beating Netflix just Netflix both actually and if you had to give up just one of them which one would it be probably Hulu because I like the office too much both okay and if you had to give up just one of them which one would it be I think maybe Netflix actually do you subscribe to Netflix or Hulu oh hey guys both and if you had to give up just one which one would it be probably Netflix actually neither

 I only have three electrical outlets in my house both and if you had to give up just one of them which one would it be Netflix I'm kind of shocked at how many there are you know I think I'm with the Netflix people it's they're both great but Netflix has the binge factor that I prefer and I like a lot of their shows but if you were to say Hulu frankly I'm not gonna put up much of a fight because it's great - I really like Hulu's programming also future man is a fun show anyway frankly you should probably just get both.

 I said earlier you can do it for pretty cheap but the question here is which one would you choose so hit the comments below if you had to choose one of these to tell us which one it would be to be nice to each other as you're arguing anyway on your way down to the comments make sure you like this video if you enjoyed it hit the bell icon as you subscribe so that you can be notified of future videos because we're here every Wednesday and Friday with one just like this hope you'll join us thanks guys see you on the next video 


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