Sony WH-1000XM4 Review

 So i've got with me the new Sony WH-1000xm4 noise canceling wireless headphones what i thought i'd do today is make a quick video talking to you about these headphones telling you about what's different about them why they're so unique and at the same time comparing them to a bunch of other headphones available at the same price category to help you figure out whether these are in fact the perfect headphones for what you.

 I've got with me in my hands both the Sony 1000xm3 and the 1000XM4 and they look almost identical I mean it's very very hard to tell the differences between the two the only discernable difference i would say is the fact that the the headband is a little bit more padded and the ear cups feel a little bit stiffer so that seems to be an improvement based on whatever feedback Sony got for the 1000xm3 but there's several things that Sony's done under the hood to improve the 1000xm4 as compared to the 1000xm3 one of the most important things that people would have spoken about giving Sony very valuable feedback was that they wanted these headphones to have multi-point when i say multi-point the idea is that you can connect these headphones simultaneously to two or more devices at the same time

 and if you've got a laptop and a smartphone or you've got an ipad as well as a phone then you know exactly what i'm talking about you don't want to be you know unpairing and pairing your headphones with several devices at the same time and the multi-point allows you to do that the next thing that they've done which is a very interesting feature is that they've added a proximity sensor to the inside of the headphone so i don't know if you can see this but there's almost like a hole on one of the ear cups where they've added an extra sensor in there and what that does is very simply put when you put the headphones on it detects it and starts playing the music and as soon as you take it off it pauses the music the next thing that they've done is improve the noise

 cancellation technology even further i think that Sony is by far got the best noise cancellation technology on any headphone right now and this was a territory that was dominated by Bose for several several several years and with the 1000xM3 and now with the 1000xM4 i think the gap between Sony and Bose and the rest of the pack is just widening further no noise cancellation headphone no matter how good can absolutely give you silence with a screaming baby a shouting wife with you know an action movie going on in the background they just can't do that but the algorithm 

that's in here is really really effective in removing any ambient sound and bringing the noise floor which is the background noise down to a minimum one way in which the 1000xM4 does is better than the 1000xM3 is by having a location sensor the headphone figures out where you're at if you're at office if you're at home if you're on the street if you're on a plane and changes the way that it cancels the noise a little better one of the things that you will remember is with the 1000xM3 as well that when you have these headphones on to be able to pause the music and be able to talk to the person in front of you all you really need to do is put your hands on the side of the ear cup and that basically pauses the music opens up the ambient sound through the microphones that are here and you can hear the person in front of you as well while you're talking but 

now they've taken it a step further where all you need to do is start talking and it lowers the volume turns off the noise cancellation almost immediately so that you can hear your own voice when you're talking to somebody right in front of you Here's another very quiet change that Sony has done on 1000xM4 that no one seems to be talking about which is the absence of the Qualcomm aptX and the aptX HD codec on these headphones Another format that Sony itself has developed and prioritized is the Ldac format which does a very similar job as the aptX HD Okay so a lot of people ask me Hey Raghav are the Sony WH-1000x4 the best wireless headphones for 30,000 rupees 

that i can get right now and that's a little bit of a tricky question because i don't know if the 1000x4 is the blanket best headphone for everybody out there so what i thought i'd do today is talk to you about three other headphones which are similarly priced which are wireless headphones that i do like a lot and i do recommend to a lot of people and to help you figure out which of these four headphones would be absolutely ideal for what you're looking for Okay so first up i have with me another very very exciting headphone that's just been launched a few weeks back the Shure Aonic 50. 

Now this is a gorgeous pair of headphones from Shure which if you aren't familiar as an American brand very iconic for making some of the best microphones and in-ear monitors on stage and studio for the last 50 years so Shure is coming from a legacy from a pedigree of making some very high quality audio product that musicians and producers trust and the Aonic 50 is a flagship noise canceling wireless headphone for the everyday consumer so there's a lot of things that Shure has done right Now the Sony has a very commercial sound signature it's meant to impress anybody who puts on the Sony headphones for the very first time in a store so the bass is a little boosted the trebble is a little bit boosted Shure comes from a studio legacy

 a studio pedigree so you find that the sound signature is a lot more neutral a lot more balanced so if you're an audiophile These will certainly sound more natural sounding than the Sony The sound stage on these is also a little wider one of the reasons for that is also possibly because sure has got 50 millimeter driver units as compared to 40 on the Sony so you'll find that in terms of sound quality itself the sure Aonic 50 would probably be a more audiophile kind of sounding headphone It's also gorgeously well built there's a lot of leather it's got metal build quality to it and it's also a little heavier as compared to the Sony which i think is primarily made out of plastic so this is a real statement headphone and it's not that much more expensive than the 

Sony where the Shure i think is not doing as good a job as the Sony is clearly the noise cancellation technology right Sony is a leader in that space and the noise cancellation is leaps and bounds ahead of what Shure got on these Aonic 50s Next up what has to be one of my favorite headphones from this segment the Audeze Mobius Audeze is a very very famous brand in the audiophile circuit for making planar magnetic headphones what that means is that the driver units use a very specific kind of technology in planar magnetic drivers which overcomes a lot of the limitations which traditional cone-shaped drivers or dynamic drivers have and the Audeze Mobius was originally designed as a gaming headphone which uses planar magnetic technology but you'll find that in essence it's just an incredible sounding wireless head

phones that can be used for virtually anything and that's the Audeze Mobius the planar magnetic drivers on these headphones is the main selling point you'll find that the sound quality that you get the imaging the retrieval of details just the way that it sounds is absolutely incredible It's a lot more neutral It's a lot more balanced than the Sony 's and as compared to all the other headphones in this segment you certainly hear more details on these drivers as compared to anything else what's incredible about the Audeze Mobius of course is the fact that it features a accelerometer and a gyroscope inbuilt into these headphones that tracks your head movements about a thousand times per second it uses that information to create a three-dimensional room around your head which positions and pans up to 7.

1 surround sound systems as you move your head around that's right you put these headphones on move your head and the audio changes dynamically in real time so gamers absolutely love that but I also recommend these headphones to anybody who's watching tv on Netflix and 5.1 or 7.

1 It's quite simply the best way of watching movies at home with the Audeze Mobius i highly recommend these headphones only for its sound what this doesn't have is again any sort of noise cancellation technology so you'll typically find that if you're somebody who wants to use this on a plane or a train this isn't going to give you any great noise cancellation Another headphone in this price segment that I absolutely love is these the V-Moda Crossfade 2 wireless V-Moda is a very very popular brand with Dj's and producers around the world they've been used by some of the top DJ's and the 

Crossfade 2 wireless Codex is the wireless version of their headphones for everyday consumers Now the V-Moda crossfade 2 wireless is a gorgeous gorgeous headphone it's superbly well designed as you can see it's super compact it's almost entirely made out of metal it's very very sleek and sexy to look at but there's no gimmicks there's no touch controls there's no intelligent sensors none of that stuff what V-Moda has done with this is simply made a wireless headphone that's gorgeously well built well designed and sounds incredible 50mm drivers in here V-Moda has got a very distinct sound signature with the Bass turned up and if you're a bass head who loves listening to bollywood who loves listening to EDM that loves listening to hip-hop and dance music these are quite simply one of the best sounding headphones for those kind of songs because of the way that the bass works it's turned up

 and it's an incredible listening experience for that Now the Sony has got an excited sound signature as well It's got the upper Mids turned up a little bit but if you really want to bring out the best bass that you can get the crossfade 2 wireless codecs is probably my top recommendation for that so the Sony wh 1000xm4 it's a huge upgrade as compared to the 1000xm3 from the inside you may not tell it from the aesthetics but there's several intuitive smart things that they've done on the inside which i think takes the headphone to the next level so if you're somebody who's been using the 1000xm3 then the next generation is certainly going to make a significant difference to your everyday usage of these headphones that being said there are several other headphones in this segment that i highly recommend for different reasons the Shure Aonic 50 for its very natural balance sound for its premium build the Audeze Mobius for the planar magnetic drivers the incredible amount of details and imaging that you get and for the fact that you can listen to 7.

1 on headphone while just moving your head and the V-Moda crossfade 2 wireless Codex i love it for the build quality love it for the bass love it for the style and love it for the fact that it's a gorgeous fun headphone to use i hope that this video helps you understand a little bit more about these headphones and what the other products in this segment are that may or may not be perfect for your use 

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