Airpods New Update in 2020 ( Whats New)

hi everyone aaron here for Sportsmamba and today apple released an update for airpods 2 as well as airpods pro and so i wanted to explain how you can check to see what version you're on how to install the update to your airpods 2 or airpods pro as well as what's new and this particular update is 3a283 and so we'll check that in a moment but the update that we're looking forward to is finally here and this was introduced with ios 14 at wwdc back in june 

so this particular update brings some really great features and so the first thing is you want to check the version that your airpods are already on and to do that just make sure your airpods are connected or they've been connected in the past and if they're already connected that's fine if they've been connected you can do it the same way you can check it under settings general and about or i find it easier just to go to your bluetooth settings and then tap the i next to the airpods you want to check the firmware version on

 so we'll tap the i and if we scroll down to the bottom you'll see it's version 3a 283 and this particular version like i said has some new features so let's go back and if you want to update this particular version and you don't already have it you have an older firmware version well unfortunately there's no button to just say update my airpods what you actually have to do is make sure that they're somewhat charged in fact i find that it's better if the case and airpods are over 50 percent and then normally what i do is plug in my air pods and.

Airpods New Update in 2020

i have a separate video showing how to do this but plug in your air pods i find it works better make sure your phone is nearby that your air pods are connected just like i did you can then close the case it doesn't matter close the case set them down next to you to your iphone i also charge the iphone at the same time it seems to help do it a little bit faster and then it will update on its own you just have to keep checking so unfortunately there's no fast way to just update it you have to kind of just leave them by themselves sitting there and then it will update on its own

 now once you have it updated you'll have the new features now for airpods 2 they get one new feature and airpods pro gets two new features as well as what i think is better noise cancellation and maybe some bug fixes to things people are having issues with now apple has not specifically stated what bugs they've fixed but noise cancellation seems to be the same or better than it was before at least for me i've been using them for about an hour or so and then it adds one major feature that 

we've been looking forward to for a long time and that is automatic switching so what that means is once you have ios 14 which should be out to the public fairly soon i would expect the gm after apple's event on tuesday and then a final release within a week or two and so once we have that you'll have the ability if you're already on ios 14 betas you'll be able to try this out and so automatic switching

 works pretty simply what it means is you can put in your air pods and as long as they're on your own account and they're paired i'll put in the air pods here i'll just put the air pods 2 in my ear because it works with air pods 2 or air pods pro so now that i have my air pods 2 in my ear you'll see i've opened music on both my iphone and my ipad and it already says moved to iphone aaron's airpods 2.

 now if i hit play it will play in my ears it's playing right now but maybe i pause this and i want to go over to my ipad we'll go over here and i'll hit play and immediately it connects my airpods and now it's playing in my ears and so it automatically switches between devices this should work on mac os big sur once it's out as well and so you can quickly switch whether it be music or movies or tv or any of those it just jumps back and forth based on what you're using sometimes it takes a second to do that but in general it works pretty well now other than that the other huge feature is with airpods pro and they're specific to airpods pro and what that is is spatial audio now it's kind of hard to understand 

what spatial audio is until you can actually try it for yourself but i'll try and help you understand so what it is is maybe you have an ipad or an iphone and you want to watch a movie and this works specifically with movie and tv shows that are set up for airpods pro or that support spatial audio so now we're connected and now that we're connected i'll just go to tv and if you want to play a movie say like dunkirk for example it's a great example of what it

 actually is sounds like when you're using it and when you're using spatial audio what it does is measures where your ipad is in relation to your airpods and so maybe you turn your head to the left you look across the room you'll actually hear the sound coming from your right ear when you turn your head right 

you'll actually hear it from your left ear and so it's based on where the ipad is in relation to where you're looking kind of based off the motion in your air pods and the motion from the ipad as well so based on you moving your head back and forth that's how it does it and you can actually see a feature or a or an option to turn this on or off so on my iphone 11 pro max here we'll just go to my airpods pro settings and you'll see it says spatial audio on

 i can turn it off turn it on and again noise control of course transparency or noise cancellation it doesn't really matter but you have those additional options now so it's not something you have to use but you can use it and it's really nice when you're watching video in fact i didn't even know what was on at first i thought the sound was coming directly from the ipad when i first started watching the movie because the sound is spatial it sounds like you're sitting in the room that you're normally sitting in and the sound is projecting from the ipad itself and so it's projecting toward you it sounds like it's coming right at you like you were sitting in a theater and the sound goes around you in surround sound as well it's really incredible and i think it's game changing for airpods 

it's definitely worth trying out if you have airpods pro now one thing i noticed is there's a nice little animation the first time you connect airpods pro so if you don't have airpods pro connected to your device if you open it up and we'll wait for it to connect here you'll see it says not your airpods pro will hit connect wants me to reset them now that they're connected it's explaining media control but now it will also explain spatial audio so you can see and hear how it works with a little demonstration if you want to try that out just reset your airpods pro and you can see that so see and hear how it works place them in your ear now once you've placed them in your ear you'll see it says stereo audio and spatial audio and so it gives you an idea of what it actually sounds

 like if you want to try it out and you want to get a better idea of how it works so with automatic switching that's a huge feature that's just super convenient no more going to bluetooth tapping on it for it to connect it just does it based on your icloud account and what device you're using and then of course that spatial audio if you haven't tried this out and you have airpods pro and you don't have ios 14 i can't wait for you to try this out you're going to love

 this feature and of course you can turn it off like i said if you don't want to use it but it's something that i think is really really great to watch on it will work on apple tv as well and i'm going to be trying out a bunch of movies because it just really makes them that much better unless you have a very high end surround sound system it's great to have airpods watch a movie on your phone your ipod or your ipad you really

 have to try it out to understand it and you can get to the same setting as well under your bluetooth settings so spatial audio bluetooth go to your airpods pro that are connected tap on the eye and down at the bottom you'll see spatial audio so spatial audio allows you to hear immersive three-dimensional audio from supported videos that follow the movement of your iphone and i failed to mention that i don't know how many things support this youtube does not support spatial audio but the ipad using apple purchased movies seems to work just fine as long as i think they have 5.1 surround sound 

maybe it'll work i'm not sure what the specifications are but there's definitely a specification that will allow it and it seems to be what's in apple tv with purchased movies and tv shows so just keep that in mind if it's not working for you if you have dunkirk i highly recommend that one and so that's it for this particular update

 it's a pretty major update for airpods it makes them that much better and let me know if you've already updated in the comments below if you'd like to get your hands on this wallpaper of course i'll link it in the description like i normally do and if you haven't subscribed already please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is aaron i'll see you next time  you  

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