Valorant Review in 2020 [ Is it Wort It's Hype]

 what's up gamers thanks for stopping by Sportsmamba and today we're going to be taking a look at one of the newest first-person shooters to hit the scene so go ahead and load up your max lock them in and let's take a look at VALORANT.


VALORANT was developed by Riot Games and fully released in June of 2020 making it one of the newest competitive shooters that you can play right now now the game is marketed as a 5 verse 5 hero-based shooter and in all honesty it's the love child of overwatch and Counter Strike with gameplay leaning more towards the Counter Strike side of the table there are currently 11 heroes that you can play as some which do require you to unlock them and each character is assigned one of four different roles but have abilities that are unique to the hero that you select some of the abilities may have similar functions as other heroes but each character truly does feel unique and bring something different to each match.

Valorant Review

Valorant Review

 let's talk about the roles that are available for you to select with the heroes so first up we have duelists and these characters tend to focus on the more in-your-face offensive style of gameplay these are your run-and-gun characters and teams will often expect you to lead the charge for each match make sure that your aim is good when picking a duelist as you're going to need it Jet raise Phoenix and Rayna make up the character list for this role initiators are up next and they are akin to Scouts and their abilities are really centered around 

manipulating enemy movements Silva and breach are the only two initiators that you can select and they actually play a bit differently so Silva excels in reconnaissance and displaying enemy positions on the map whereas breaches specialty applies in crowd control and flushing out enemies from their hiding spots next up sentinels are going to focus on defensive abilities and also healing now they are super useful when making a defensive stand on a spike or just slowing down the opposing team currently sage and cypher are the two characters that you can select as sentinels and they're expected to be masters of communication now you're not going to be expected to top the scoreboards 

but you will be expected to be a team player and assist the other roles and last up we have controllers now these characters shine when disrupting the enemies visibility and providing cover fire for other players their abilities pair up very well when running with a duelist once they've exhausted their smoke screens as they can also work to frag the enemy and get up close currently omen viper and brimstone are the three characters who were assigned to this role many pro players consider the perfect team makeup to be composed of two sentinels one controller one initiator and one duelist at the time of this recording there are currently two different game modes that you can select spike rush in unranked 

matches now you do have the ability to setup a custom game as well but you're only going to be able to create an unranked match or spike rush so let's break it down and see what these game modes are all about let's start off by talking about unranked now unranked is the traditional game mode in balance and these matches do take a longer time to finish as the first team with their team wins takes it all now between rounds you can actually spend the money that you've earned on weapons abilities and even armor and you'll have the option in this game mode to be a bit more strategic with your approach to defending and attacking and we've also got word that ranked mode has been confirmed to be dropping in only a few weeks so make sure that you practice in unranked mode 

now spike rush on the other hand is a much quicker game than your traditional unranked mash now in this mode every player on the attacking team has a spike that they can plant and it's the best out of seven rounds that wins everyone on each team is given a random weapon to use and basic abilities are refreshed automatically each round as well now there are also three to five powerup orbs that are randomly placed on the map and these do give a significant advantage to players that pick it up at the time of this recording bowring currently has four different maps that you can fight across

 those are bind Haven split and ascent with more planned in future updates the game also has a variety of weapons that you can select from which include five sidearms two submachine guns two shotguns four rifles two sniper rifles two heavy guns and of course your tactical knife going into this game you have to realize that it is definitely intended to be a tactical competitive shooter folks who are expecting the fast-paced run and gun gameplay of overwatch might be in for a bit of a shock as the gameplay more closely resembles csgo gameplay but not entirely now the hero abilities in composition of your team will define what strategy options are available to you 
Valorant Review

 optimising your team is just as important as getting kills now while it is true that sub-optimal teams can still win focusing on strategy is also an important part to being successful in Ballerina combat is still fast-paced and very fun but the game is exponentially more enjoyable when you team up with players who actually know what they're doing now this isn't a team deathmatch game and it does require a bit more thought than to just run out of the gate firing unless of course you're a duelist the game has received mixed reviews and I encourage 

you to play the game for yourself and reach your own conclusions about it I've logged roughly 30 hours into the game so far and I've thoroughly enjoyed my time in VALORANT's if you go into the game with the expectation that this game is highly competitive and more closely aligned to csgo gameplay I'm sure that you'll have a great time as with any competitive tactical shooter the more time you invest to brush up on your skills the better you'll perform in matches and the more success 

you'll have in bow it and that will do it for my review of balance so don't forget to get your daily dose of karma by liking the video go ahead and sub to the channel if you like what you see and let's talk about Balor in the comments below do you enjoy the game do you not enjoy the game of what's going on let's talk about Bower see you next time 


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